Sorry Winter, It’s not you…It’s me

Black Beans and Rice Salad

While grabbing a beer with a buddy the other day, we couldn’t help but laugh at our pathetic complaints over the weather. Mainly because we’ve always been winter lovers. Growing up playing hockey certainly was a factor, but beyond that, winter’s personality is as distinct as any season. But neither of us were thrilled on this day. Blistering cold, consistent rain and windy conditions make for an awful combination. Even still, what could complaining do? Well certainly nothing a few beers couldn’t…

Luckily for us, I know I’m not alone; northeast winters tend to drag much longer than anyone would like. But it’s amazing what a little food therapy can do for you. And even though the farmer’s markets have dried up a bit these days, you can find some amazing ingredients, like the watermelon radish in this dish, that spark your creativity and get you thinking of warmer days to come.

The watermelon radish really is a beautiful thing. While it tends to be a little sweeter than your average radish, the color is really where this vegetable gets its name. And with watermelon representing the summer better than almost anything, I was inspired to make a meal to forget the cold days to come.

Spinning the idea of black beans and rice more towards a salad made this dish light and packed with flavor. With layers of black beans cooked with those roasted peppers from the other night, brown rice, avocado, hard boiled egg, and quick pickled radish, the meal was delicious and really fun to eat. I think I must have watched a few too many episodes of Top Chef re-runs after Juror Duty last night, but the parallel plating made for perfect combinations of flavors and textures. And the outcome was ideal. Light and crispy flavors all coming together for a hearty meal. So screw you Winter! It’s been fun, but I think were through until next year.


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