Meatloaf Malaise

Ginger and Miso Meatloaf with Cucumber Udon Salad

One of the first meals I was excited to make after I purchased the kitchenaid meat grinder attachment was meatloaf. It’s never been a meal I’ve craved. In fact, it’s never really been a dish I’ve liked. But with the freedom of choosing certain beef cuts to grind on my own, and the added bonus of anything homemade, I was sure my meatloaf would change it all.

My lack of meatloaf enthusiasm was even bigger than I thought however. Because even after choosing two cuts of local beef (fatty brisket and leaner round), grinding them with the awesome attachment, and flavoring the loaf with ginger, miso, and mushrooms to change the typical flavor profile, I wanted nothing to do with my home cooked meal. In the fridge it went, and out to the bar we went for Burgers. I know it sounds crazy! I spent all this time making meatloaf and chose to go out for a burger?

Well it ended up being the perfect decision. Because the Waterfront Ale House burger was delicious, and while the meatloaf rested for later consumption, my brain clicked into action. Serving the meatloaf with something cold, something light, something refreshing would be just what the dish needed. And this udon noodle, cucumber, and arugula salad was just the answer. And the fresh ground brisket and round really came through; true beef flavor. So I may not be making meatloaf consistently, but with the grinder and a new attitude, I’m excited to see what other flavor profiles will work in this classic preparation.

Also, don’t forget to vote in the redemption poll. Today’s your last chance!


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