Out of Bacon’s League?

Braised Cabbage w/ Roasted Pepper and Fennel Topped Haddock

There are some flavor combinations that never cease to amaze me. This one, cabbage and bacon, is one of my favorites and not just because of the deliciousness. Because it’s like that gut reaction when you see a beautiful girl with not so good-looking guy. I know, it’s superficial. But really bacon? You’re with cabbage!

But bacon must have seen passed the grocery store cole-slaw to cabbage’s true potential. Because the delicate flavors of the crunchy, earthy vegetable are just perfect for braising. And sauteing bacon with onions and fennel before adding the tomatoes and red wine for the braising liquid helped bring out the smokiness that the cabbage loves to absorb. It’s a simple, delicious side that is perfect for this time of year.

And combined with this North Atlantic Haddock topped with roasted red and long hot peppers, the cabbage proved it’s worth. Bacon has got good taste after all! In fact, the NY Times dining section posted a bunch of cabbage recipes this past week if you need further proof. So here’s to cabbage and bacon! A match made in heaven.


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