Redemption and Old Friends

This poll is all about redemption! With some feedback from you combined with my own blunder making up the list, vote for the dish you’d love to see redeemed. Because while they all seem simple, they’ve all produced problems. And just wait til you see what I’ll do with the winner!

Braised Sausage and Mustard Dressed Cabbage

I’ve been meaning to post about this dish all week! One of my best buds Dave was in town this past weekend and I always love to cook him up something special. Along with our other roommate Sam, Dave was one of the original taste testers. Cooking meals through our Junior and Senior years at Skidmore was a necessity that turned quickly into a passion. And here I am today!

And it’s no secret Dave enjoys richness in his foods. So pairing a braised pork sausage with pork fat roasted turnips was a great way to welcome him to town. But too much richness gets you nowhere. A mustard dressed cabbage not only added the acidity to cut the fat but added the crunch to excite the palate. I always love seeing my old buddies from school and I can only hope good food keeps them coming back!

Have a good weekend and don’t forget to vote above!


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