The Perfect Storm of Leftovers

Huevos y Camerones

I struggle with leftovers. Mostly because the thought of re-eating meals instantly induces boredom. But I also hate waste. I won’t give you the “there are starving children” speech but throwing out good food is a giant bummer. This apparent conflict has been a challenge I’ve worked hard at overcoming. Most meals I cook for Em and I end up with empty plates and empty pots. But every once in a while, the perfect storm of leftovers comes together and the next meal far outdoes the last one!

In this case, the pumpkin polenta and black bean tomato sauce from Sunday ended up right next to the carton of farm fresh eggs. The meal would be a no brainer. But what to add to the spiciness of the sauce, the creaminess of the polenta, and the richness of the egg? Scanning the market on my walk home, the shrimp were calling to me. Quickly marinated in lime juice and garlic these shrimp added exactly what the dish needed! And now, I can say for sure both the plates and the pots are empty!

So with all the stews, soups, and sauces your making this cold winter, don’t be afraid to mix it up a little bit. And when all else fails, add some eggs and you’ve got the perfect brunch!


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