“You Tell Too Many Stories!”

Green Tea Soda

When it comes to coffee, I’ve developed quite the reputation; a reputation I’ve been quietly combating. The irony of course is that quiet is just the thing I’ve been missing. Because rumor has it, coffee consumption turns me into a chatty Cathy.

But I do love the stuff! And just like wine, I consider myself an enthusiast, not a fanatic. Sure I know the good from the bad, but as long as it’s strong and devoid of sugar or milk, I’ll be happy! But because of my incessant ramblings post second cup, I find myself grabbing for a green tea more often, just to mix it up. The minimal caffeine content and refreshing quality of the green tea makes for a nice alternative, although nothing substitutes for that coffee!

But more and more recently I’ve been going heavy on the green tea hoping to avoid the dreaded winter flu. And I was getting awfully sick of the stuff.  So it was clearly time for a refresher. This green tea soda recipe was a perfect solution. Plus, as always with my “sodas”, it’s just delicious with a little booze!

SilverCaterersRecipeCards – GreenTeaSoda


One Response to “You Tell Too Many Stories!”

  1. Gilly says:

    Bahahahaha…too true, too true!

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