Update: Looks Can Be Deceiving

For the first poll of the new year, it’s all about redemption! Because just like my sweet potato fail below, I’m sure you’ve all had some major culinary misstep. So comment below on the item you’d like to see me re-do and redeem! Make it on the poll with your choice and be the first to receive the new recipe.
Mustard Crusted Tofu and Kale Stuffed Sweet Potato

The great thing about writing a food blog is how easy you can make something look and sound delicious. With a nice camera, maybe a tripod, and some flowery writing you can be on your way to making mouth watering food. But the irony is, not everything that looks great tastes great. It’s the reason I love The Bitten Word as a food blog. Their basic concept is simple. They cook the recipes that make us all salivate from a number of different food magazines, and then they write about it. And their honesty is a great tool for those of us looking to prioritize. Because if that Martha Stewart masterpiece is more like a dud, they’ll tell you!

So for that reason I’m glad the Bitten Word wasn’t working on my recipe from last night. Because while this tofu, dinosaur kale, and mushroom stuffed sweet potato looks delicious, it never really turned out like I had intended. As all of us can attest to, the hardest part of cooking a meal is managing your time. What needs to be done when and for how long are crucial details that can make or break a meal. So when these sweet potatoes took over two hours to bake soft and delicious, you can imagine the filling wasn’t as fresh as I was hoping. Instead of creamy greens and earthy mushrooms coming together with the mustard crusted baked tofu delicately, the flavors melded for too long and the dish became muddled.

Why 2 hours for sweet potatoes? Sure I had the oven cranked up to 425oF. And no, these weren’t the largest sweet potatoes ever. It all boiled down to heat distribution. With my brand new pizza stone absorbing the heat from the oven and my constant opening of the oven door as I became hungrier and crankier, it all makes sense. Well at least now I know!

So who cares? What’s the point? Well nothing I guesss. Except that even the most frustrating homecooked meals have their value. You live and you learn and at the end of the day, your more connected to your food than before. Plus it still looks look damn good, right?

What are some of your all time cooking screw ups? We’ve all had them…don’t be shy, leave a comment!


2 Responses to Update: Looks Can Be Deceiving

  1. Emily says:

    scrambled eggssss

  2. My experience was more of an execution misstep than anything else, but it, nonetheless, resulted in something Johanna and I couldn’t eat; it was supposed to be a simple pizza. To start, I bought fresh dough from Trader Joe’s (I’m lazy and didn’t feel like making it), fresh vine-ripened tomatoes (never refrigerated), and fresh mozzarella – simple right? In the end I didn’t have a pizza but a pile of crap.

    I followed the directions exactly; I allowed the dough to rest at room temperature for 20 minutes, pre-heated the pizza stone to 450, sliced the tomatoes, mozzarella, and then marinated everything in evoo, garlic, and seasoning.

    Once everything was prepared, I rolled out the dough, applied flour, and attempted to transition my uncooked pizza to the pizza stone. It stuck and wouldn’t slide. After some work I was able to get it onto the stone to let it cook.

    Once it fully cooked, I tried to remove it from the stone, and it was more stuck than anything I’ve ever seen. I had try and cut a small layer of the bottom off in order to remove it. Instead, I ended up butchering it and ended up with something that wasn’t edible without a spoon.

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