Make Your Own Luck(y Rice)

Green Market Fried Rice

Grains of rice have long symbolized more than just sustenance. Said to bring luck and prosperity, rice is as historical a food as any other. And luck is an intangible we all look to for a new years beginning. So after my short stint (and I mean short) at the blackjack table in New Orleans, I’m sure glad I made extra of this green market fried rice!

But to be honest, New Orleans had way more to do with this dish than just my gambling deficiencies. Because two things always come out of my trips to NOLA: an absurd appreciation for the local flavor (food, music, and people) and a seriously protruding stomach. Because between the oysters, the muffaletta, the fried chicken, the po boys, the jambalaya, the etoufee, the redfish, the cochon, the alligator, and the beignets, I think it’s fair to say we ate well!

So for the first few meals back in the apartment it’s all about taking it easy on the overeating. And this can only mean one thing: vegetables, and lots of them. So while it may be slim pickings at the farmers market these days, I’m promising myself to make it there once a week to get back in the habit of having non-stop amazing produce. Because it might not apply at Harrahs, but I know I’m beyond lucky to have such an abundance of local ingredients here in New York. So while this fried rice with button mushrooms, napa cabbage, and farm fresh eggs may be more Chinese in flavor, it is easy to see how the inspiration is all from New Orleans! What a trip!

Just One Reason I Am Full: Beignets


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