Happy New Year!!!

Christmas Dinner: Homemade Fettucini

What a whirlwind the last two weeks have been. NYC –> Sea Cliff –> Philly –> DC –> NOLA –> Philly –> Home was packed with the very best of what makes this my favorite time of year; amazing times spent with friends and family! And with all the ridiculously delicious food, from the braised short ribs at Christmas to the oven roasted oysters at Cochon in New Orleans, I’m thrilled to be back in my kitchen, back on the blog, ready to start a brand new year!

But instead of making huge claims and proclamations on all the new things I plan on doing this year, I’m keeping it simple. Because 2010 was pretty sweet and food was a huge part of it. So with a few new tools from the Holidays (Pizza stone and a Meat Grinder) shopping fresh, eating well, and making my own is what I’m looking forward to.

Christmas Dinner: Braised Short Ribs and Fresh Fettucini

And making it my own is what I’m most focused on. Because while there are so many store ready products (breads, pastas, sausages, baby food (for my niece), sauces, etc.), that are perfectly convenient and delicious, there is nothing I enjoy more than the connection to homemade. And this mouth-watering braised short rib and homemade fettuccine from Christmas is a perfect example.

We braised the short ribs in red wine and tomatoes for 4 hours the day before until the bones fell clean. And I’ll be honest, the more I braise bone-in meat the more I love that moment. Christmas day after an amazing morning of gift giving, laughing, and relaxing with Em’s family, I worked on the fresh pasta that I have now really begun to nail. It’s taken a few tries but this round of pasta was really great: light and flavorful and perfectly paired with the rich and decadent short ribs, some fresh pasta, and cerignola olives.

So Happy New Year to all and as always thanks for reading! 2011 is going to be delicious!




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