Holiday Recipe Cards (Breakfast Casserole)

Kimchi and Cucumber Salad

Sensing a terribly timed cold developing, I chose to work on an immune boosting meal consisting of a kimchi and cucumber salad with a miso brown rice soup last night, leaving me one less day to share my Holiday recipes with you. But don’t worry because a colleague of mine just recently brought in an amazingly delicious breakfast casserole, and I managed to get the details!

This is an awesome recipe for anytime of year for a bunch of reasons. The first is how convenient and easy it is. Most of the work happens the night before making your morning nice and relaxing. It would be perfect for that mad rush to the Christmas gifts! But secondly, this recipe (at least to me) is a base to add to. Think of all the delicious ingredients you could add to keep this dish new and exciting each time you make it. And that’s not even considering the taste. I just assumed I didn’t have to convince you on the combination of bread, eggs, ham, and cheese topped with crispy corn flakes. Intrigued? Well give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

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