Holiday Recipe Cards (Breakfast and Dessert!)

Eggnog Bread Pudding

As I mentioned yesterday, all week-long I will be posting new recipe cards for the Holidays. And nothing makes holiday memories like a great breakfast or dessert…

While I have been promising the eggnog re-do for quite some time, it wasn’t until this weekend that these two dishes really came to fruition. Spending my Sunday watching the Eagles game at our good friends Mark and Kelly’s proved to offer quite a bit of inspiration. Because there was only one thing better than Desean Jackson’s winning touchdown: Kelly’s awesome breakfast. She whipped up some delicious bacon and kale that was just awesome with the over easy eggs. I wish I had taken a picture of the dish cause as simple as it sounds, there was something special about the execution. And while we enjoyed the meal during the first half of the game, Mark mentioned another breakfast gem: eggs baked in tomato.

Ouva in Brodetto

As you can see, all I had to do was combine these two dishes to get to this recipe card. And I think you’ll love the versatilty of the meal. It’s perfect for a crowd when frying up eggs in batches just won’t cut it. And even better when you add some avocados and black beans. Trust me, for Christmas morning or any other day, give this rich and delicious egg breakfast a shot! I’m sure you’ll love it.

But what about that eggnog? Well when you look at the ingredients that make up the thick and cloyingly sweet beverage, it isn’t hard to see why a bread pudding is a great option. Instead of using a challah or even a panettone which you can find a bunch of recipes for, I decided to go with a more earthy whole grain bread. Eggnog tends to be so sweet that I wanted something for balance. And it worked perfectly! Pair it with my cranberry ginger syrup and these individual puddings will be the talk of the dessert table.

SilverCaterersRecipeCards – OuvaInBrodetto

SilverCaterersRecipeCards – EggnogBreadPudding


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