Holiday Shopping Guide – Rd 3

I know, I know. I owe you a new take on the Holiday classic Egg Nog. But trust me, when I share the recipe card on Monday along with a number of others, it will be worth the wait! So until then, here’s a few last minute Holiday shopping suggestions for the cook in your life…

One of the best parts of living in an apartment with a tiny kitchen (actually wait, it’s the only nice thing) is how efficient you can become as a cook. I’ve learned to streamline my approach to cooking in all facets of the process. From planning to organization to execution, sometimes its hysterical to think about the quantity of food that is produced in kitchens just like mine! But maybe most importantly, re-considering the need for “stuff” has made the biggest impact. I used to buy every pot, pan and accessory I could get my hands on. And I know many of you can relate to that!

So wouldn’t a pot that can be used for just about everything, from braising to roasting to sauteing to souping, sound like a perfect present! Well these Le Creuset dutch ovens are just that versatile. There’s no denying they are a bit on the pricey side but these pots are life long investments. And while I posted a link to amazon, there is an outlet on Long Island (and probably a few other places) that offer up some amazing deals!

But like I mentioned pots and pans are just one part of the problem; the kitchen gadget section of any store is where the real trouble begins! Because unless you’ve got limitless drawer space, how many spoons, peelers, juicers, and other gadgets do you really need. But that’s not to say there aren’t some fantastic items to own out there. Take these two items that have really made a difference for me; perfect for stocking stuffers, secret santas, or straight from under the tree.

These “lazy spoons” from Rachel Ray seem silly but they are actually pretty awesome. I was always one of those kitchen purists. “You can only make Risotto with a wooden spoon!” But all that is non-sense. These silicone based spoons are fine enough as spoons but being able to rest them on the edge of the pot during cooking is what makes them special. Unneccessary? Sure. But for efficiency and cleanliness, I’m’ a big fan.

And going right along with the “purist” theme, there was only ever two items I used to transfer my chopped ingredients: my hands and my knife! “Who needs a pie scraper?” Well I hate to admit it but I need a pie scraper. Because while dropping onions on the floor isn’t a major problem, it’s one a scraper can solve. Another great stocking stuffer!

So good luck with your last minute shopping and enjoy what I hope will be a great weekend!

Make sure to check back on Monday for a bunch of recipe cards…you won’t want to miss these!


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