A Taste of N’awlins

N'awlins Brown Rice Salad w/ Roasted Sausage

Looking passed the next few weeks of Holiday festivities, I’m beyond excited for our New Years Eve trip to New Orleans! Watching the ball drop in a crammed apartment or even worse, dropping hundreds of dollars at a bar in the city has never been that appealing to me. Which is exactly why we’ve been trying to plan trips away for one of the biggest party nights of the year. And considering New Orleans is one of the biggest party cities in the country, I think we’ve found a good fit.

But celebrating the New Year will only be a small part of this 4 day trip. Because as I’ve written about before, I go to New Orleans to eat! And eat I will!

As I’ve been thinking of all the places we’ve been and all the places we need to add to the restaurant list, my obsession with the rich flavors has been kicked back into high gear; my stomach gets full just thinking about it. But it would be pretty silly for me to try and re-create my favorite dishes leading up to the trip. It would be like reading Harry Potter before seeing the movie! (Just kidding…sorta)

But taking my favorite flavors and re-working them into lighter weeknight dishes? That I can do. Take this chilled brown rice salad: roasted red peppers, corn, cucumbers, cabbage, onions, and jalapenos were tossed in a spicy mustard and bacon vinaigrette reminiscent of rich and creamy jambalaya. The crunch of the fresh vegetables and the earthiness of the brown rice made for a great balance between bold and crisp flavors. And the only thing that made this dish better was to enjoy each bite with a slice of oven roasted pork and fennel sausage. Because what isn’t better with sausage!

Looks like it’s going to be a good few weeks for my belly!


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