So What’dya Eat?

Roasted Mackerel in Ginger Miso and Lime Broth

I’ve always been the pain in the ass that asks…”So what’dya eat?”. Sure I’ll take a look at your photos and listen to your stories but when push comes to shove, I’m just waiting for the food! Because whether it’s on a vacation away from home or at your favorite local standby, meals make some fantastic memories. And as an added bonus: I’m always game for some added inspiration.

So when Em’s Dad was discussing a fantastic French restaurant in Cape Cod, it was the roasted fish served over a flavorful broth that really caught my attention. Because while I’ve been cooking fish fairly frequently these days, I can’t remember ever trying this approach. So of course it was time…

While the inspiration came from French faire, it was the fusion flavors of Asia that really made this meal! The broth was made of miso, ginger, garlic and crushed red pepper finished with the brightness of fresh squeezed lime. With a dash of soy and a pile of wok seared green beans and shitakes over the rich Spanish Mackerel, this dinner was good to the last spoonful!

Good enough to keep me asking…. “So what’dya eat?” No seriously…Any truly inspiration meals out as of late?


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