Tis the Seaon to Feel Guilty?

Whether it’s on the morning news or in your favorite blog, by now, we’ve all been warned. Because if you have too much fun, or enjoy this holiday season too much, you’ll be sorry! While some may say “tis the season to be jolly”, more and more recently were being told “tis the season to feel guilty”. Guilty for eating too much, drinking too much, and over indulging to the point of no return.

And while it may be true that the Holiday season offers more opportunities to pig out and drink up, that doesn’t mean you have to feel bad about it. Just this weekend I read 3 or 4 blogs that offered up the “5 Best Tips” or the “Must knows” for eating/drinking habits for the upcoming weeks. They were all bogus. Because if avoiding drinking at parties and chewing gum to avoid over snacking are real solutions, then I’m screwed!

But what about this novel solution:

Focus on eating well (not to be confused with dieting) on a regular basis, enjoy the opportunities to socialize with friends and family (even if that means eating a cookie or two), and stay true to what we all know as “feeling good”. Because while no one has ever woken up after a flask of tequila and a 2 am chicken cheese steak feeling fantastic (don’t ask!), this is definitely not the point of no return. Trust me on this one. Sometimes all it takes is some outdoors time (go for a walk, a hike, or play some football in the cold) or a light and healthy dinner, to kick start that healthy feeling that I would argue is just as enjoyable as the buzz from the night before!

Take this spinach salad from last night’s dinner as an example. While this may not scream culinary ingenuity, it certainly packs the crucial components of a healthy meal. With a little bit of seared sirloin, a hard boiled egg, and some avocado, this salad was packed with protein and healthy fats that will give you a boost of strength (4 Loco is not an acceptable substitute). And paired with some roughage in the form of spinach, shredded carrots, and string beans, drizzled with a little bit of balsamic vinaigrette, this salad was delicious and nutritious!

Here’s to a guilt free Holiday season!


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