Give the Gift of Me!

Lemon Curd and Fresh Fruit Filled Puff Pastry

Over the last few months I’ve had the opportunity to continue one of my absolute favorite parts of catering. Because when someone welcomes you into their home to prepare a meal and serve for a small dinner party, you are being paid to do much more than cook. As a personal chef in these situations, the food is an extension of you. And what a tremendous experience to share a little bit of you, all on a delicious plate of food! At least that’s the hope, right?

Last night was the perfect example of that. Working with my client, it was easy to develop a menu that we were all excited for. A roasted butternut and corn soup served with a jalapeno crème fraiche as garnish started the Holiday gathering with an interesting twist on the seasonal. The corn added fantastic sweetness and with just a touch of cinnamon, the fall flavors still remained prevalent.

Following this light and balanced soup was a hearty and rich main course that really wowed the crowd. By braising the short ribs with tons of onions and mushrooms for close to 4 hours, the meat became ridiculously tender. The earthiness of the sauce went perfectly with an Israeli couscous risotto. With a little bitterness and freshness coming from sautéed broccoli rabe, it was easy to see why this dish was a hit.

Lastly, dessert! Because what’s a holiday party without some sweets. After a rich and decadent main course, dessert called for some tang! And this lemon curd and fresh fruit puff pastry was just the right answer!

Working on a menu like last night’s is beyond rewarding. And when done well, a night with a personal chef can be truly intimate. Which is why it makes a fantastic Holiday gift! To be able to entertain without the work is something just about anyone can appreciate!

So if you’re interested, I would love for you to contact me at for more info. It would be my pleasure to come up with a fantastic evening for someone you care about!


One Response to Give the Gift of Me!

  1. marcia stewart says:

    those desserts look gorgeous!

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