My First Christmas Tree

I’ll never forget my first Christmas…

The night before, on Christmas Eve, I could barely control myself. It didn’t matter that I was full of sweets and treats from the evening’s festivities; normal sleep and dreams were replaced by excitement and anticipation. Even when I felt my eyes closing enough to doze off, the footsteps up above snapped me back into attention. But I knew better than to get out of bed: because I didn’t need to see to believe. And there were only a few more hours to go…

I was 22 years old.

Em’s family still jokes about my first visit for Christmas. It didn’t take long for me to declare this day, to be the best day of my life!

So while celebrating Christmas still gets me excited as a little kid, it was my Hanukkah gift (it was bought on Hanukkah so I guess that counts) that got this Holiday season really kicked into gear. My first Christmas tree! And while it might be small, and it might be filled with “ornaments” I frantically scoured the apt for last night, it’s a damn good tree! Thanks Em!

Holiday Shopping Guide: Round 2

Every cook needs spices. And while I had always been a bargain shopper (see CVS brand spices), it was a gift I received from my Brother and Sister In-law that changed the game. Good quality spices will absolutely take your meals to the next level. And at a place like Penzey’s the variety and unique offerings will really spark some creativity. Or for the adventurous cook, find your way to an Indian or Chinese market to find those ingredients that break comfort zone boundaries. Either way, spices make a fantastic gift or stocking stuffer for every Holiday season.

Every grocery store in America is now selling a bottle of $6.95 balsamic reduction. While these may work for most, nothing beats true, aged balsamic vinegar. Instead of fillers and thickeners, these products are rich and sweet because of the aging process. Sure they are pricier but this is not a salad dressing; a few drops go along way. This is a gift both the giver and the givee can be proud of! Here is one example from William and Sonoma but specialty shops might be an even better place for this gift.


3 Responses to Jewbilation

  1. nlag says:

    It’s a Charlie Brown tree! 🙂

  2. Gilly says:

    Ann would be so happy to see the rubber ducky on the tree!

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