Don’t Be A Grinch: Holiday Hated Re-do!

You really can’t help but get swept away with all the Holiday spirit these days. With all the music, the lights, and the parties, no matter what you’re celebrating (Happy Hanukkah by the way), it’s a good time of year. Now I know there are a lot of excessive and borderline obnoxious components to this time but at the end of the day, who cares. If you hate Hallmark, don’t buy their cards. Because tis the season to be jolly and nothing beats sharing the month’s festivities with the ones you care about. So don’t let the lines at the stores, the traffic on the roads, or your closest grinch (every family and group of friends has one) drag you down. And if you need a refresher, just remember: nothing ramps up the “jolly” like some delicious food and drink!

But even with all the food we associate and crave for this time of year, isn’t it ironic that there are iconically hated dishes as well. Some of these suffer from a case of a bad reputation, while others are actually just bad. And for others still, it’s all in the name. But no matter what the reason, they are the plates that almost no one touches.

Time for a re-do!

So which of the Holiday Hated do you want me to re-think and re-make to start a new classic? (Hopefully)


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