Escape from the D-Hall

Spinach and Mushroom Chicken Bake

While I’ve been working real hard to get the early lead on “favorite uncle” (at least on the Silver side), I’ve been neglecting my older brother duties. Because with little bro down only 10 blocks or so, providing the escape from the dining hall should have happened much more than once in his first semester. So with a few more weeks to go before finals, dinner number 2 was a good place to start!

It sounds like his dining hall experience hasn’t been so bad; so far. Sure it’s only been a few months and the repetition will mostly likely set in at some point, but you can’t feel too bad for the kid. He lives in NYC. Something tells me he’s eating pretty well, d-hall or not.

But even still, I knew he was craving some home cooking! And this spinach and mushroom smothered chicken breast topped with smoked gouda was packed with flavor. With chipotle peppers, fire roasted tomatoes, and a bit of red wine adding serious depth to the sauce (which was delicious soaked into the mashed potatoes) this meal was a real hit. Oh yeah, and with a bit of the remaining chorizo I had in the fridge, I think my home cooking was worth the price of admission. Nope, no d-hall swipes here; just a bottle of fantastic Riesling (gotta love a little brother with good taste!)


One Response to Escape from the D-Hall

  1. nlag says:

    Such a good brother!

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