The Gifts That Keep On Giving

OXO Food Mill

I really love funny statistics. Like this morning when I read an article that suggested shoppers spent 6.75% more this year on Black Friday weekend as compared to last years. I mean, I guess that’s significant but it’s funny to think how that correlates. Here’s to hoping that extra 6.75% of gifting goes to you this Holiday Season!

So with the shopping season in high gear, I thought I’d take a day or two throughout the next few weeks to point out my favorite must have kitchen gadgets. Admittedly I mentioned a few of these last year (as they were given to me as amazing gifts), but these are kitchen must-haves for any cook!

The first gift suggestion may seem a bit outdated. Because if you have a blender or a food processor you may think a food mill is unnecessary. But for the simplicity, and the versatility there’s no question the food mill will keep your appliances tucked away more often than not. Unlike the processors or the blenders used for pureeing, the food mill is much more gentle on the food and helps squeeze the flavor out of everything. Try using it for soups, sauces, or my favorite, mashed potatoes and you will be thrilled to have it. I have this OXO version which I would definitely suggest, however I am sure there are other fantastic options out there.

Mandoline Slicer

For those cooks out there that love to slice razor-thin veggies, have easy ready to fry or bake french fries, or make delicious zucchini noodles, the next gift idea is another eye opener. Because with a mandoline slicer, plates of food will start to resemble those restaurant masterpieces. For uniformity and ease of slicing you can’t go wrong, but after a few uses you will be finding ways to experiment with the mandoline for sure! Just remember to be careful as these tools are extremely sharp and fairly easy to cut yourself on without proper use or care. I’d still say it’s worth the risk! My suggestion would be to buy either a pricier version like the one linked above, or find one that is on the cheaper side to give a test run. There are a ton of middle ground options that are rather plasticky and difficult to use.

So hopefully these ideas are good starting points but check back soon for a few more great Holiday Shopping ideas! There will be at least 6.75% more suggestions…


2 Responses to The Gifts That Keep On Giving

  1. josh says:

    both great gifts and both common appliances in my kitchen. When I finally buckled down and got the food mill, bliss…

  2. Emily says:

    Very nice mandoline. The plastic ones are for the birds. It may be pricey, but the metal ones are definitely worth it.

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