Shades of Brown

Less than one week away to one of the most food centric holidays in existence! I recently overheard a funny comment about how despite the overabundance of dishes on the Thanksgiving table, there is one overwhelming theme…Brown. Which I guess I see: the turkey, the gravy, the potatoes, the stuffing, etc. tends to be a bit on the brown side, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

But it got me thinking. Most of my favorite dishes for Thanksgiving are vibrant shades of orange, green, and even purple (you’ve got to have beets!). So, is there any other meal that is so representative of a season by looks alone? Think about it…aren’t the colors of the table, the colors of Autumn nailed perfectly! 

But no matter what the color, we all have our favorites! So what is your Thanksgiving must? You know, the one dish that makes or breaks your holiday spirit and the one you can’t stand to see changed…and leave a comment with your favorite version!


One Response to Shades of Brown

  1. marcia stewart says:

    Ricky: What a beautiful looking meal! I’m jealous of the Philly family’s good luck, having you at the burners!

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