Turkey Club Re-Do!

Turkey Club Re-Do

I wish I could say I intentionally held off making this “Turkey Club Re-do” to better align with Thanksgiving, but in reality, this was a tough one. My initial thoughts had been heading down similar paths: stuffing, souping (definitely not a word, but maybe it should be), and even just going the over the top homemade route. But I just couldn’t get excited about those options. It just didn’t seem satisfying, and for me, there is nothing more satisfying then a turkey club.

But when I was thinking about this year’s Thanksgiving menu (I’ve got a few surprises for my family), the inevitable discussion of “white meat or dark meat” arose. I know most will claim one preference, but is there really a discussion here? Isn’t juicy, perfectly cooked dark meat the real stand out?

So for the main portion of this dish, roasting turkey thighs and slicing the meat was a perfect way to get that great turkey flavor, while keeping the moisture and the richness of the turkey club! Topping the meat is a tomato and bacon sauce that was reduced till it was rich and sweet. And the kicker? This iceberg lettuce inspired sauce that cooled the whole plate down: it was pretty awesome how this spinach and cabbage blended with a touch of mayo could really bring the meal together.

And with a few extra pieces of crispy bacon, bite by bite, there was no doubt the turkey club was present! Although I can’t guarantee you’ll find this one at your neighborhood diner.


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