Bring on the Holidays!

Pork Chop and Apples

Anyone want to tell me how it is already Thanksgiving next week? It just never ceases to amaze me how quickly the end of November comes!

But just like last year I’m thrilled to be working out a menu in hopes of making the meal truly memorable. And heading down to cook for the family and spend some time with my rapidly growing niece (and the others of course) is reason enough to get a head start. And no, of course I don’t mean I’ve cooked the turkey and the stuffing already…my head start is all about flavor!

Because with the abundance of fall ingredients sure to make the Thanksgiving spread already available at the farmer’s markets, Thanksgiving favorites are on the mind. And although the Turkey typically takes center stage on Thanksgiving Thursdays, this pan roasted pork chop and apple dinner would be the perfect stand in! 

Resting on a paprika and garlic infused cauliflower puree, these pork chops were full of flavor (got these bad boys from a local pig farm) and seasoned with jerk and just a touch of sugar. With some diced apples and roasted brussel sprouts the balance in flavors and textures was delicious!

So bring on the holidays! And make sure to check back for some great entertaining Silver Caterers Recipe Cards throughout the next few weeks!


One Response to Bring on the Holidays!

  1. nlag says:

    Can’t wait for your Thanksgiving dinner! Nora will enjoy it too, just a few hours after I’ve taken it all in! So glad it’s just a week away!

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