Put it in the Freezer

Braised Mustard Pork Shoulder and Green Chili

My freezer has long been a boring and mostly empty space that sits waiting above the refrigerator; waiting for me to grab some ice for a cocktail or grab a piece of dark chocolate. Because well, the only thing better than an ice cold drink is a frozen piece of candy!

But the reality is, most of the cooking I do, in fact 99% of it, comes from day to day shopping and a patience to create and eat based off of cravings and ideas as apposed to convenience and quantity. This I realize is a personal choice and a true luxury. So for me, the freezer just doesn’t get much action.

So when I found the time to use up the overflow of vegetables I had accumulated throughout the weeks I was away, this green chili made its way into the empty freezer to sit and wait; just like those pieces of dark chocolate.

And the outcome? One of the most flavorful and interesting chili’s I’ve ever made that was ready in no time! Because last night all it took was combining the meat from a roasted pork shoulder (admittedly I did this on Sunday), the green chili mix consisting of green tomatoes, poblanos, garlic, onions, and apple cider vinegar, and a few can’s of beans for another amazing dinner to take shape! The tanginess of the green chili counteracted the richness of the pork and with the beans soaking in even more flavor the only thing that made the meal better….there were leftovers!


One Response to Put it in the Freezer

  1. nlag says:

    I’ve been using the freezer as my friend lately and realize that the frozen leftovers are often as good as the original. Good for you for taking advantage of your CSA bounty!

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