Eat More Mackerel!

Potato Crusted Mackerel w/ Beet Slaw

Holy…! Just kidding. I couldn’t possible make that crappy joke two days in a row. But that doesn’t mean I’m against eating Mackerel for two straight nights!

Mackerel has been getting more and more attention these days because of it’s ridiculous levels of Omega 3’s and it’s “closer to sustainable” growth compared to Salmon and others. Not to mention it’s supposedly pretty low on the “mercury counts”. It’s becoming tougher and tougher to eat these days isn’t? Kind of ironic, in a “we’re screwed” kinda way. But that’s only if you listen to the constant back and forth, and the online/print media that has been telling us what to eat and when to eat it for years. So sure Mackerel might be “good for you”, but you won’t give a crap either way, cause it tastes so damn good!

Granted, Mackerel is a “fishier” fish than some of the more popular offerings in your grocer’s seafood section. But hopefully you realize that “fishiness” is flavor, and next time you’ll leave the textured protein, I mean tilapia back at the counter.

Back to the dish…Since I had an abundance of potatoes from the CSA (the last bundle was sorta ridiculously large), I decided to work them in two ways for this dish. The base for my Mackerel was a mix of simple roasted potatoes. That is if you consider roasting them in pork fat simple. (The pork fat came from the roasted pork shoulder I made for that green chili I mentioned last week, to be seen later this week). And for those of you worried about the health factor for using pork fat, just remember, there is no need to go overboard. A measly tbsp will do the trick!

Secondly, I crusted the Mackerel in slivers of potatoes. In an attempt to represent “fish scales” like I once saw on Top Chef, I think I probably went a little big on the slices, but nevertheless, the taste was fantastic. Plus it added just enough crunch to push this fish over the top. Paired with a simple beet and cabbage slaw and a few sliced chilis, what else could you ask for!


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