Prep Cooking

Shepherd's Pie, Green Chili, and Turkey Burger Dinners

I may have only been home for 32 hours this weekend before taking off on my last leg of the crazy travel, but that didn’t keep me from getting some serious cooking done. But you may think that looks like an awful lot of food to eat in such a short time…looks more like a week’s worth of food huh?

Well, with a fridge full of CSA veggies, it was a pleasure to whip up some “ready to heat” meals for Em for the week I’ll be away. A turkey, potato and parsnip shepherd’s pie, roasted brussel sprouts and radishes, and a soy and sesame turkey burger will hopefully be as delicious as they look! And with a nice batch of green tomato and poblano chili, I have a bunch of cooking to look forward to when I get back in town…

And speaking of which…Don’t forget to vote for the hotel food re-do!


One Response to Prep Cooking

  1. emily says:

    those were parsnips?!

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