On the Road Again…

The Golden Gate

So there won’t be much cooking until a week from tomorrow. That’s an awful lot of time to go without my “glass of wine” at the end of the work day, so I guess I’ll just have to have the real stuff while I’m away! But ironically enough, November 5th is more than just the day I’ll be back home, thrilled to get in the kitchen. November 5th will mark the second anniversary of this blog which is kinda crazy to think about. So thanks to everyone for keeping me going and making this blog my “cup of coffee” in the morning.

So sticking with the theme of being on the road…

I had one of those silly culinary eye-opening moments last night. Because as I took a peek at the room service menu (a habit of mine even though I almost never order anything), there was absolutely no surprises. What I mean is, I could have guessed every item offered without evening opening the pages. And not that I’m complaining. Because well, a hotel’s goal is to make each and every guest as comfortable as possible. And familiar foods is an awfully powerful tool to ensure that comfort. I wish someone had the time to put together a chart that showed the frequency of menu items in hotels across the country…any takers?

So help give me something to look forward to. When I get back in town, what familiar menu item should I re-do (remember my re-done general tso!)?


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