Family Matters

Mom's Brisket and Ramp Noodle Kugel

What a weekend! Getting a chance to meet my very first niece, Nora Lucille, was an amazing experience. I can already tell she considers me her favorite Uncle. And beyond spending time with her, it was an even bigger pleasure to see my brother and sister in-law, Steve and Nat, already proving to be fantastic parents. I can’t wait to spend more time with the happy family in the years to come!

And nothing says family, at least for us, like brisket! So it was a pretty great bonus to receive just that as I was packing up the car for the trip home. I’ve always loved my mom’s brisket! But brisket isn’t brisket, without kugel! Now if you do a quick google search for kugel, you’ll end up with a lot of varieties. Sort of a cross between a casserole and a pudding, kugels can be sweet or savory and can be made with a multitude of starchy ingredients. But for me, kugel is all about egg noodles!

So rather than purchase a bag of perfectly acceptable noodles, I remembered that way back in April I had made some delicious ramp pasta. With half the dough still in the freezer, my kugel was about to take a fantastic turn for the better! The pasta dough was an egg noodle base and with the added flavor of the ramps, they worked perfectly in this application. With some sautéed zucchini and red pepper from the green market, and some farm fresh eggs as the binder, this kugel turned out amazingly; a perfect base for the delicious brisket!

And since the brisket was so big, much bigger than our stomachs, I knew what else the meat would be perfect for. This brisket and three bean chili was exactly the right meal for Sunday night to enjoy while watching the Phils make quick work of those Cincinnati Reds! Bring on the Giants!

Brisket and Three Bean Chili


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