Back from Germany, Changed Forever

Head Cheese at Rogacki

After only 8 days in Berlin, my perception of reality has completely changed….

I’m just kidding. You didn’t really think I was going to be one of those people that come back from their first trip (I know, it’s tough to admit) to Europe claiming life changing events and eye-opening reality checks. I hope not! But honestly, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the visit. The history, the sites, the people, the food:  it was all amazing! Berlin is my kind of city!  And as promised (as seen above) I found myself some head cheese!

As for any confusion, let’s be clear. Head cheese, is not cheese. Not even close. This creation of pig parts in aspic creating a gelatinized cold cut, sounds outrageous, and yes, looks pretty outrageous as well. So when we made it to Rogacki, my new favorite place in the world I was intrigued to find about ten varities waiting for me. Of course, their descriptions were in German, and therefore I was forced to use the universal sign of choice, the finger point. What “parts” actually made up this head cheese, I will never know. But I did really enjoy it! This “slice” was probably a bit thick for typical consumption (should have went with the thin slices) but nevertheless, it was very interesting.


And perfect with the rest of the meal. Rogacki is what I am describing as the German version of Eataly where small shops of specialties are rounded out by small restaurant like settings. Except here, smoked fish (I had the most ridiculous butterfish) and cured meats blew my mind, and the “lunch hall” atmosphere was addictive. I would live there, if in fact I lived there….

And just in case there was any confusion on additional consumption…

Fest Bier - The Best Beer I've Ever Had

So now that I’m home and feeling completely regenerated (until I pass out later today) I’m pumped to get back into the kitchen! Regular blogging to ensue…


2 Responses to Back from Germany, Changed Forever

  1. Kiley says:

    looks so unappetizing.

  2. Sarah says:

    No one likes headcheese. Why are there white parts?

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