What did you put in that Vodka?

Tomato and Peppercorn Vodka

Two summers ago, Em’s sister Sarah and I thought we struck “idea gold”. In the middle of a late night bloody mary frenzy, with a morning road trip to Em’s horse show looming, we took action. With stores closed for the night, and a limited number of the necessary ingredients (i.e. no tomato juice), we were determined to make our very own. Well let’s just say, our “bloody mary mix” was more like tomato soup, and a bad one at that. A classic case of recipe fail, but at least we can chalk it up to the red wine…

So word of warning: I made my “infused vodka” poll winning decision last night in a similar mental state. This time the culprit; a few fantastic cocktails at Back Forty.

But I’ve got reserved optimism about this one. Infusing vodka with ingredients is pretty simple. The quantity and time are the two crucial factors. So the only way to know when this tomato and black peppercorn infused vodka is ready? Keep tasting…so stay tuned!


One Response to What did you put in that Vodka?

  1. Kiley says:

    woah thats crazy

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