College Cuisine

Steak and Eggs

Choosing your college has become an interesting task these days. Rather than boasting professor to student ratios, or even the shear educational quality, Universities must compete over dorm size and food quality. Not like I’m some expert but having taken my little bro on a few campus tours myself, and having gone to college not to long ago (I think I can still say this), it’s all about the amenities. But even with the best campus cafeterias, offering high quality, flavorful food, there will always be the problem of boredom. Weekly menus become repetitive and sometimes you just need a break.

Well luckily for my brother, his break comes in the form of a 15 minute walk up to my apt for some home cooked food! So when he and his roommate came by I had thrown out the “any cravings?” question in advance and I guess I wasn’t surprised by the answer. Red meat! Because even the nicest colleges aren’t offering filet…

But as you know I’m not big into serving a big hunk of meat and calling it a day. So steak and eggs sounded like the perfect upgrade. With a half-dozen farm fresh eggs (I know they are more expensive but so worth it!) I whipped up this shitake mushroom and zucchini frittata studded with fresh ricotta. And I literally mean “whipped” because as I was preparing the frittata something hit me. By separating two of the egg whites and whipping them before adding them to the mix, the finished product became light and airy unlike any of the baked egg dishes I’ve made in the past. (Think souffle) And with this medium rare hangar steak, this meal was really delicious!

Zucchini Bread Pudding

But no college meal is complete without dessert. I know this because…well, let’s just say the soft serve machine got plenty of use at Skidmore. And since I’ve been making so much zucchini bread, I was getting really sick of the stuff. But a zucchini bread pudding is something I could never get bored of! With a custard mix and dried currants these individually baked desserts really hit the spot. Plus, with the brilliant addition of a piece of dark chocolate (Thanks Em) we pretty much demolished them. 

I can only assume that the two Joe’s will be back for more…


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