Southern Comfort

Cornmeal Crusted Flounder with Creamed Greens

Last night I had a serious hankering for some southern comfort. And no, I don’t mean the jet fuel that is made palatable by a squeeze of lime. I’m talking down home, rich and delicious food that exemplifies a simple respect for ingredients.

So with another bunch of dark greens from the CSA in the fridge, it wasn’t too long before my craving led me in a fairly obvious direction. Creamed spinach is one of my favorite side dishes but to be honest, sometimes the easily wilted spinach just doesn’t stand up to the heavy sauce it sits in. Which is why using swiss chard, kale, or any other darky leafy green makes for a much better outcome. And these creamed greens were no exception. With a few sliced chilis and some local dairy heavy cream, this side dish was good enough to eat on its own.

But comfort food needs some crunch. So with the creamed greens acting as a perfect resting place, this cornmeal crusted flounder was both light and flaky while adding that perfect texture balance. With a quick mushroom and tomato sauce and a few more sliced chilis, this meal sufficiently met and surpassed my need for the warm and comforting flavors of southern comfort!


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