Poll Winner: The Sunday Trinity

Zucchini, Corn, and Red Chile Pizza

I wasn’t surprised when pizza won last week’s “football grub” poll. Because if watching football on Sundays is made better by a few good beers, and nothing goes better with beer than pizza, than this trinity is a match made in sports heaven. But as much as I love making pizza at home, I like to leave the classics to the pros. So I decided to make a trip to the greenmarket and let the produce decide the toppings…

I was thrilled to see what was probably one of the last few bundles of NY sweet corn. Like most summer crops, the quality of corn seems to fall off the proverbial cliff around this time of year but these ears were still packed with sweet and juicy kernels. With a bunch of basil, a red chile, and a few red onions in hand I had exactly what I needed for this amazing pizza.

A simple basil pesto acted as the perfect sauce which supported the sautéed corn and CSA zucchini. With some fresh local Mozzarella and a few slices of red onion and chile, the flavors absolutely exemplified the summer season. And the crust, which I had made earlier in the day with both whole wheat and all-purpose flour, crisped up extremely well, even in the standard oven.

I also made a sausage pie using my tomato and sunchoke soup from last week. And although this sounds a bit odd, a sauce is really just a reduced soup. So with a bit more simmering, and a healthy dose of sausage, the second pie was just as good as the first!


One Response to Poll Winner: The Sunday Trinity

  1. nlag says:

    Since I voted for nachos and it didn’t win and I am your favorite sister-in-law, will you do your take on them sometime for me? 🙂

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