Tan and Knobby

Tomato and Sunchoke Soup

Tan and knobby. Was this the largest ginger root in the world? Okay, check the sign….what the hell is a Jerusalem artichoke? Oh well, take the 1lb of this stuff and let google deal with the rest.

Yes, this was my inner monologue dealing with the CSA pickup yesterday. Because Jerusalem artichokes weren’t something I had heard of, and they certainly didn’t look like artichokes. So with a quick search on my iphone (crap, I don’t have one of those)…with a quick search on my computer, my confusion quickly transformed into excitement. Because although I hadn’t heard of Jerusalem artichokes, I had heard of sunchokes!

An increasingly popular ingredient, as seen on many restaurant menus, sunchokes, like many root vegetables, make some pretty amazing purees. But for my first attempt with this ingredient, the abundance of tomatoes (they just keep coming) were calling out for one perfect pairing. This roasted tomato and sunchoke soup was so good! The powerful flavor of the sunchoke, which does indeed taste a lot like the artichokes I’m used to, was really well-balanced with the sweetness and acidity of the tomatoes. With just a bit of mozzarella cheese and a few fried chickpeas this soup is an absolute keeper. And since this time of year screams “soup”, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Because soup, is one of the easiest and most interesting meals to work with! Many more to come…

As for our weekly poll, it looks like it’s coming down to pizza or chicken wings, so make sure to get your vote in before Sunday! But for next week, it’s time to get back to drinking! You pick the alcohol, and I’ll make the cocktail. It will be seasonal and delicious so choose wisely, you are going to want this recipe!


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