Catering the Premiere!

Waldorf Chicken Enchiladas

Last night I had the pleasure of catering my first premiere party. The event was a big one, the attendees were buzzing, and the food, well don’t worry, I had that covered.

Okay…so the premiere was the new season of Gossip Girl. And…the attendees were Emily and her awesome friend of a million years and our former roommate, Gilly. But hey, the pressure was on…these best friends don’t mess around.

So when they jokingly asked me to cook a “Gossip Girl Themed” meal I gladly accepted the challenge. And by gladly accepted the challenge I mean, I was scared to say no. Just kidding….sorta. And although they had some great suggestions, like Blair “Waldorf Salad” and Chuck “Sea Bass”, these seemed a bit too obvious to me. So with a little creativity, and some Monday Night Football food as my inspiration, these “Waldorf Chicken Enchiladas” were born.

Taking the major components of the Waldorf salad, a poached chicken, tomato, and grape filling worked perfectly with the blue cheese and tomato enchilada sauce. Topped with a chopped walnut, grape, and spring lettuce mixture, the flavors really stood out. Bold, vibrant, and a little bit on the edge….Just like Gossip Girl. At least that’s what they tell me…

Luckily for me, these enchiladas were just as delicious while watching the offensive spectacle that was the Ravens – Jets game. But seriously, is anyone as scared of Ray Lewis as I am? And speaking of football don’t forget to vote in this week’s poll!


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