His alarm is still going off…

Poll Winner: Zucchini Bread + Muffins

It’s Monday and let’s be honest, no one is happy about it. But since I ran out of time last week, let’s pretend its’ Friday, at least for the sake of the weekly poll…

Last week’s poll was all about college eats. And since my little bro is now through his first week of college classes, it was the perfect time to hook him up with some homemade grub. And since oversleeping and hangover cures won out, and I had two monster zucchini’s from the CSA, I thought what other than some muffins to get Joe and his buddies out of bed in the morning. Because if you knew my brother, you’d know his alarm just doesn’t cut it.

I made this awesome zucchini and hazelnut batter that ended up in both muffin and bread form. The zucchini adds a ton of moisture and just a hint of that farm flavor that paired perfectly with the brown sugar, whole wheat flour, and hazelnuts. Word from NYU is that they were thoroughly enjoyed. 

For next week’s poll (now this week’s) it’s all about football. Because despite the fact that no one likes Mondays, a good chunk of those same people love Monday Night Football. And with football comes some delicious food offerings…


2 Responses to His alarm is still going off…

  1. […] Luckily for me, these enchiladas were just as delicious while watching the offensive spectacle that was the Ravens – Jets game. But seriously, is anyone as scared of Ray Lewis as I am? And speaking of football don’t forget to vote in this week’s poll! […]

  2. […] for our weekly poll, it looks like it’s coming down to pizza or chicken wings, so make sure to get your vote in before Sunday! But for next week, it’s time to get back to drinking! You pick the alcohol, […]

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