Hydration Station

Poll Winner: Corned Beef Hash

Since I was a kid I’ve always loved corned beef, which is why I was pretty excited it won last week’s poll. The only problem: the way it instantly sucks the water out of my body (scientific explanation). It’s probably mainly to do with how much I eat of it when I have the opportunity as I never have a hard time demolishing one of those bigger than your head sandwiches, but that aside, it is a pretty salty meat. In fact, corned beef is essentially a pickle! But dehydration or not, there is nothing better than good corned beef…except for maybe pastrami. But that’s a debate for another time.

My corned beef hash was pretty standard but the addition of the homemade ketchup really took it to another level. The ketchup has such a depth of flavor that I’m really enjoying. With one fried egg there wasn’t much else needed for this perfect breakfast. But as you can see, I may have to make the runner ups and much more if I’m going to get through this ketchup!

For this week’s poll I need your help deciding something exciting. Exciting because my litle bro is about to start his first year at NYU this coming Tuesday. He moved in this past weekend and is now only 12 blocks from my apartment. Kinda weird. Now despite the family jokes, I don’t plan on bothering him a whole lot. But what’s college without a good care package. Rather than go out and buy a bunch of candy and microwaved popcorn, I want to make him some homemade grub to stock in his fridge. The question is, what the hell to make. So rather than narrowing it down to specific foods, I need help deciding what time of day this care package would be most valuable…

Plus if you’ve got any great ideas for must haves or the foods you loved to get in the mail, leave a comment…for Joseph’s sake.

Enjoy the long weekend!


2 Responses to Hydration Station

  1. em says:

    you should make him chili. but it might not be as good as sarahs or my moms…just sayin.

  2. nancy says:

    thanks em.
    I bet you could make him some fantastic granola. Covers two of the three categories.

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