Drink to Your Health!

I’ve been claiming this for years (with resistance from only a few), but a new study has suggested that those who drink, live longer than those that don’t! How do you like that?! Now there are many shades of gray within this argument but when you break it down, with all that goes on in our lives, it’s not surprising that how often we kick back can correlate to when and how we kick the bucket. Moderate drinking (which is described in this article has 1-3 drinks daily) both increases social interaction and decreases stress. This definition is one of the main reasons I appreciate this study. The perception of  overindulging can often be seriously misleading. How many times have you been asked the fill in the bubble question at the doctor’s and felt the need to lie because their definition of “heavy drinking” seemed absurd. It’s like the oreo serving size. I dare you to only eat two oreos. And when you do (and are completely satisfied) come find me; I’ll be at the bar. And I really don’t mean to make light of this. I am completely aware of the fact that there are those who struggle with alcoholism daily, and that long life doesn’t necessarily mean a good life, but I really think there is something to this. So in the spirit of spirits here’s a few of my additional thoughts on drinking.

1) Don’t talk about drinking: And I know it seems like I’m breaking the rule right this very moment but what I really mean is, don’t brag about how much you can drink. I’ve never understood that angle. Drinking isn’t about how much, it’s about the enjoyment. Whether it’s a refreshing cocktail, a fantastic glass of wine, or a can of PBR I hope your drinking for enjoyment, not for competition.

2) Drink what you like: I bring this up because as a waiter (just because I don’t currently wait tables doesn’t mean I still don’t consider myself one), you are asked all the time “what wine goes well with my meal”. And it’s always a tough spot to be in. There is no question that some wines (and beers and liquors) can pair exceptionally well with a particular dish. But what if the wine that goes best with your short ribs is your least favorite red varietal? So whether you are out to dinner or hanging with friends enjoy what you know…

3) But never be afraid to try something new: It’s amazing how much variety is out there.

4) Lastly, when you need a break, take one: I’m a firm believer that the most empowering moments can be when we actively stop partaking in something we enjoy. There are a million and one sayings to describe this phenomena but there is nothing more refreshing than a few days off (or longer if you need it). For example, just recently I started to feel “addicted” to coffee. It was 1 pm, and I needed a third or 4th cup to get me through the day. I’m not big into “needing” a vice, so I stopped. I’m on my tenth day without coffee, and although I’m just starting to feel normal in the mornings, I know that the break was all I needed. If you are a “moderate drinker” like myself, sometimes a little break is just what the doctor ordered!


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