Heat Wave

Skirt Steak with Chilled Thai Noodle Salad

Everyone enjoying the resurgence of summer weather? Well I don’t know about you, but I was definitely not ready for that blasting of rain and wind chill that came through last week so for now, I’ll take the 90 degrees! Let’s just hope that Earl won’t crash our Labor Day festivities. But just in case make sure you have at least 3 cases of water, 4 gallons of milk, and a 6 loaves of bread….kidding. 

But in all seriousness, this week’s mini heat wave created the need for some seriously refreshing meals. And the staples of Thai flavors are just what the meteorologist ordered. The balance of cooling sweetness, bright acidity, and a punch of spice is one of my favorite remedies for a barely effective air conditioning unit and a 4th floor walk up. In this case I made a Thai inspired cold noodle salad. I used Udon noodles which you most often see on Japanese menus but their ability to absorb the simple blend of fish sauce, tamari, lime juice, sugar, and chili pepper worked perfectly. Mixed with a large helping of quickly “woked'” (is that a word?) broccoli, shitakes, and cabbage along with a nice helping of charred garlic and ginger, this salad was a perfect resting place for a nice piece of seared skirt steak seasoned with salt, pepper, and lime juice. 

If you are entertaining this weekend (or any weekend for that matter), this is a great meal to make. The noodle salad can be easily prepared in advance and the skirt steak takes minutes to grill leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your friends and drink plenty of booze. More on this tomorrow…


One Response to Heat Wave

  1. smg says:

    I really liked this, and the dessert!

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