What did the parent tomato say to the baby tomato…

Homemade Ketchup

It’s safe to say that when it comes to Ketchup, Heinz represents the overwhelming favorite. Think about it. It’s a rare occurrence but when you go to smother your fries and you see some other label, or worse, you taste an imposter that was filled into the classic Heinz bottle it’s a pretty big disappointment. And I would bet that 99.99% of American pantries have a bottle of Heinz ketchup right this very moment. What about that .01%…that’s me.

For no real reason, I haven’t had ketchup in the apartment for over a year. I just never use it. Not that I have anything against the stuff, it’s just never been a need on the shopping list. So with another round of amazing tomatoes, I decided I’d make my own. Because if I make it myself, I’m sure to use it.

New Batch of Tomatoes

You can find a number of recipes online but I decided to go with my gut instead. Onion and garlic, apple cider vinegar, tomatoes, and mini bell peppers made up the bulk of my ketchup that was spiked with jalapeno, curry powder, and paprika. With just a bit of sugar (the tomatoes have so much sweetness as it is) my “recipe” turned out amazing. I can’t wait to dive in. But what the hell should I put it on? You pick it, I’ll cook it…


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