Progressive Dining

Lime and Paprika Hake w/ Mexican Corn

A while back I created and served what I called a “progressive dinner“. Each dish contained one ingredient from the previous course. For example, a mushroom and asparagus salad followed a mushroom and pork soup dumpling. Showcasing the versatility of fresh ingredients particularly well, the 6 course meal was a huge hit for the 3 couples I had cooked for.

Well, this Lime and Paprika Hake w/ Mexican Corn would have been the perfect progressive entrée for that roasted corn and tomato soup I posted yesterday.

I’ve mentioned Mexican Corn a number of times previously; mainly because I’m obsessed with it. Typically smothered in mayo, cheese (like cotija), and paprika the combination of flavors is a bit addicting. I decided to roll my corn in a simple lime vinaigrette prior to adding the corn and paprika and while I do love the mayo, the punch of the citrus was a really nice addition.

I’m really loving this Hake that has been on sale at Whole Foods. I normally don’t talk about prices but for $5.99 a pound this week, I can’t get enough of it. It looks and tastes a lot like cod but is a bit meatier. It’s been great pan seared with simple seasonings but I would bet it’s a great fish for tacos as well! This time I served it over a simple red bean and cheese salad rounding out the meal fantastically!

But to be honest, I could have just eaten that Mexican Corn! So good!


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