What would Bobby Flay do?

Panko Crusted Chicken with Watermelon Salsa

I think some of the coolest eating experiences are the eye-opening moments where sweet and salty find a perfect balance, particularly in some non-traditional situations. Now, it’s funny to think how much food has changed and how much of what seemed “non-traditional” when our parents were growing up, is now pretty common place. Thanks to Bobby Flay we have mango salsa!  (Kidding) But all joking aside, fruit has a place in savory dishes, and it’s place can make or break a plate of food.

Watermelon is a perfect example. The majority of its consumption comes from giant picnic slices and depressing fruit salads. But it’s a fruit that pairs extremely well with salty components. For example, last year when I paired watermelon bites with creamy feta cheese at a cocktail party, there were those that were a bit reluctant. But once they dove in, it was the first app to go.

So when I got my second watermelon in the CSA this week along with a dozen beautifully orange tomatoes the first thing I thought of was salsa. Diced tomatoes, onion, watermelon, and minced parsley made up the base of this topping that balanced acidity, sweetness, and saltiness in a way you can only hope for. The freshness of the ingredients worked perfectly to cut the richness of the mustard and panko crusted chicken breasts. And yes, that is Bud Light Lime. Don’t judge!

So as we get into mid-late august (how is that possible by the way), make sure you’re taking advantage of the abundance of fruit and vegetables available. And don’t be afraid to cook them together!

Enjoy the weekend!


One Response to What would Bobby Flay do?

  1. Joshyq says:

    i have been making the watermelon salad these past few weeks, it has been a huge hit. My bro created this watermelon vinaigrette which is rather interesting as well.
    dish looks delicious.

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