Devouring Pies

Raspberry Peach + Red Hot and Apple Pies

I’ve never been much of a dessert guy. In fact, I’m the pain in the ass who orders the sorbet when the table has agreed to share a bunch. Call it indifference, call in lunacy: I just don’t get excited about cakes and pastries. And maybe the least exciting of them all, pies have never been a source of my cravings. And I know how nuts that sounds. How could anyone not like pie!?

I think after this weekend I should really re-sculpt my argument.

I take no claim on these pies (seen above). In fact the only role I played in this story, was that of the devourer. But Em’s aunt, who makes a mean pie, offered up a raspberry peach and a red hot and apple version that I found myself obsessed with; particularly the raspberry peach. And on top of these two, Nikki whipped up a Jamie Oliver blackberry and apple pie! Her crust was a bit more “cookie-like” which was just up my alley.

If only we had some sorbet!


2 Responses to Devouring Pies

  1. […] a page from Em’s Aunt (remember the pies), 325 for about two hours followed by a quick half hour at 375 slathered in my sauce made these […]

  2. Sand says:

    yay mom! she’s going to be happy to hear of her pies on your blog 🙂

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