The Best Weekend of My Life

Clams, Mussels, and Oysters

Our annual trip out to Southampton has become more and more epic each year. Tucked away in a tiny community on the peconic bay, it’s a weekend that absolutely exemplifies the good life. And there is no better activity representing this weekend then clamming! It’s become so legendary, our crew seems to get larger each year as friends and strangers alike hear about the fun and gear up for the hunt and the feast that follows (check out the haul above).

Our Second Catch: Blue Crabs

But like all of our traditions, we find a way to add a piece that takes the trip to a level never thought imaginable. Our second catch of the weekend came from crabbing! Off the dock, in the dark of night, we managed to grab a good number of these delicious blue crabs that tasted unbelievable in our Sunday brunch egg scramble.

Garden and CSA Produce

It was a weekend spent full of farm and garden produce, freshly caught shellfish, tons of beer, and even more good times. It’s always tough to leave, but a year of anticipation for next year’s haul is a welcomed consolation.

Oh and all those clams, mussels, and oysters?…

Some raw (nothing like these shucked oysters!), some grilled, and a bunch steamed with sausage and swiss chard: Delicious!


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