Weather Report: “Chili” in San Fran

Beef Shank and Summer Corn Chili

I have always heard about the cold and foggy weather of San Francisco. But as a victim of the barometer blues that is this NY summer, my packing was a bit suspect for this trip. Luckily, I had listened, and brought that one sweater (but also a million t-shirts). Unfortunately, years from now when we look back at the pictures, I’ll either remember my mistake, or think I took a day trip…same damn sweater!

So I must have had a cold weather hangover when I got off the plane earlier this week because I couldn’t get short ribs off the brain. Had I forgotten that just a few minutes of stove top cooking renders the apartment unlivable? Oh well, at least I’d go out eating what I wanted.

So when I couldn’t find short ribs, I turned to another one of my favorite cuts. Local grass fed beef shanks are the ultimate. I’ve made them before straight up or in this case, to break down into a stew or chili. And you know that technique you’ve seen countless times on the Food Network? Just a tbsp or two of butter at the end of cooking makes those sauces rich and glistening. Well screw you butter, I’ve got bone marrow!

The dish sort of progressed as I was making it and turned into a delicious beef shank chili with black beans and fresh summer corn. The tomato and red wine base brought out the richness of the beef and with a few zucchini noodles to sop it all up, this meal was definitely worth the sweat it brought out. I think the kitchen has finally cooled off!


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