Loads of Wine!

Well I’m finally home from my 10 day trip to California. Stops in San Diego and San Fran were pretty awesome (first time west of Tucson), but just like anyone would say, it’s nice to be home….gotta love NY!

As always, eating and drinking was a high priority while away, particularly when Em met me in San Fran. We typically attempt to squeeze in an extra days worth of food on every trip we take, because why the hell not?! But out of all of the meals we had, our day trip to Sonoma was the most memorable.

We got to see (and imbibe at) a few amazing wineries. Our favorite was the biodynamic winery, Benziger, where the tour of the caves itself, is worth the trip. But after a few of these tastings, food becomes a major necessity. And there is no better food for a wine tasting excursion, than a picnic. Beautiful weather, loads of scenery, and the inexplicable need to smile (probably the wine again right?).

 Our picnic included some delicious salumi, sharp cheddar cheese, crackers, olives, blueberries, and a peach. Pretty simple fare right? But in this setting, it was absolutely perfect.


5 Responses to Loads of Wine!

  1. Sarah says:

    what’s the diff btwn salumi & salami?

    • r1silver says:

      believe it or not, salami is a type of salumi. Either way is there anything better than salty, fatty cured meat?

  2. Sarah says:

    Boars head bologna rolled up with American cheese. And a pbr.

  3. nlag says:

    Wish I could have been there, it looks like a great trip.

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