Big Fish Tales

Sweet Italian Sausages on the Grill

I suffer from a lack of good travel stories. And although, I’ve been slowly building on my repertoire, most of the time I end up re-hashing my trip to a friends Island…when I was 13. So let’s just say it’s a priority of mine to retire this tale ASAP.

 But one of the main reasons this story still gets me excited is because it was the first real fishing I had ever experienced. And for a first trip out, I think I was a bit spoiled. My buddy, his Dad, and I ended up catching five 40 lb Mahi Mahi and a 25 lb tuna. Luckily for us, the only thing on their island besides their home was their restaurant just waiting for us to arrive. Talk about eating “day caught” fish.

 Fishing is an amazing activity, one that so many people fit in whenever time will allow. Fishing can be relaxing, exciting, rewarding, and sometimes a bit depressing but at the end of the day, a few beers and some boat eating later, it’s all about catching your own food.

 So it’s become a seriously anticipated event when we make it out to Long Island for our now annual morning of fishing. This was our 4th year and expectations are always high. We even won the pool for largest fluke the first two years. And nothing is better than freshly caught fish for a Sunday dinner.

 If only we had caught some…

 For a quick clarifier, we actually caught a bunch. Between the group we probably wrangled in 12 or 15. Unfortunately they didn’t make the 21 inch mark keeping us from feasting on fluke. But with a few handmade turkey patties and some sweet Italian sausage, re-hashing the morning was amazing just the same. Because it’s not how many fish you keep, its how much fun you have in the process.

At least that’s what the non-catchers say…


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