Crazy for Eating

Stuffed Zucchini with Seared Scallops

Have you heard about the new study illuminating the scary connection between loving food and going crazy?  The more you love food, the more likely you are to become a locavore.

Oh wait. That’s not what locavore means? You’re telling me a locavore is someone who eats locally raised, produced, or harvested food?

 In all seriousness, why the hell do we have to a catchy name for everything!

 Well, as much as I think it’s silly to dub such eating habits anything more than worthwhile, we are pretty lucky as New Yorkers in terms of being “locavores”. Green markets, CSAs, locally sourced ingredients at grocery stores, and a slew of obsessed foodies driving the ship, have made eating locally pretty easy.

 And whether it’s only mental, or truly rooted in fact (my guess is a combo of the two), locally sourced ingredients have the ability to wow in terms of flavor. For this fully locally sourced meal, I stuffed thinly sliced zucchini with farmer’s cheese studded with sautéed greens and carrots. Paired with sea scallops topped with a roasted beet, carrot, and green onion shredded salad the sweetness and full body flavor of the ingredients really shined. With a beet and red wine reduction adding some serious earthiness to the  meal, I’d let you call me anything to have another plate.


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