“One Jameson, and a Sex on the Beach please…”

Blueberry Mint Martini

I like my liquor two ways: Straight Up or in a Fruity Cocktail.

And it takes a real man to admit the latter. Because I (and most other guys I know) have spent  nights committed to avoiding the “girly” order, instead competing over who can drink the most Klontarf (Reserve). But without realizing it, I’ve become an avid drinker of some pretty fruity drinks: Rum Punch, Grapefruit Margarita, and Lemon Basil Mojito just to name a few. Well maybe it’s easier to feel manly drinking a brightly colored beverage, when you’ve made it yourself.

This last cocktail creation may be the best one yet. I made a thick simple syrup with fresh blueberries, mint, water, and sugar that I mixed with a splash of triple sec, a heavy “splash” of vodka, and topped the whole thing off with a little seltzer and some freshly frozen blueberry skewers. I actually ended up making these two ways. The martini version I just described (and that you can see in the pic), but this also worked great as a drink on the rocks. Not to mention this was a necessity after the first martini knocked us on our asses…

So with great reluctance…

I declare my love for fruity cocktails! Join me in this declaration and I’ll send you the recipe! (No seriously, please join me)


One Response to “One Jameson, and a Sex on the Beach please…”

  1. Joshyq says:

    I love fruity cocktails (not cock and tails), I am a fairly fruity man myself. Recipe would be great.

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