Good to be home…

Mediterranean Salmon w/ Zucchini "Spaghetti"

When you really stop and think about it, how crazy is take out/delivery? Pretty much whatever you want, whatever you crave, you can get. And in most cases, within the hour. But with all the options available, the choice isn’t always easy. I would bet, that on some nights, I’ve spent more time deciding what to order, than actually eating.

So typically, and last night was no different, when the flavors I’m craving come to me easily, it’s more exciting (and often more time efficient) to make the meal on my own.

So when I was flying back to town and couldn’t get tomatoes, olives, lemons, and yogurt out of my mind, it wasn’t too long until I had this meal ready to go. Using the mandoline, I made zucchini “spaghetti” that I tossed in a little honey and lemon spiked yogurt. Laying the “spaghetti” over a garlic and kalamata tomato sauce brought together some of my other favorite mediterranean flavors. Topping the dish was a yogurt and mint marinated roasted Salmon, that completely rounded out what I was looking for: salty, sweet, fresh, and delicious.

I’m always pumped when a meal comes together as a real composition. Taking bites of the individual components was good, but eating them all together was amazing!


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  1. […] There are amazing pasta substitutes that you can buy if you get desperate, but even thinly shredded raw zucchini can sub for spaghetti if you have a craving. Otherwise dining on stir frys, soups, and stews are […]

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